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Greg Lane
Greg Lane

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Lisa Lane

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Greg Lane, CPA, CFP®, RIA, CHRS®

Lisa Lane, RDN

News Releases

February 16, 2016 – Scottsdale, Arizona.  Local authors choose National Nutrition Month to launch new book connecting the links between financial and physical health.  With a focus on providing 360-degree wealth planning that encourages better health, husband-and-wife team Greg Lane, CPA, CFP®, CHRS® and Lisa Lane, RDN have chosen March 2016, National Nutrition Month, to launch their new book, 21 Days to Wealth, Well-Being, and Abundance Now!  Full Release


Bio:  Greg Lane

Greg Lane – CPA, CFP®, RIA, CHRS®. Greg is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Registered Investment Adviser and Certified Health Care Reform Specialist. He earned his Master’s Degree in Accountancy (with a Taxation emphasis) from Arizona State University.

Greg’s role at WellFit Financial includes analysis, financial planning, asset management and investment planning, tax strategies, insurance and education planning, financial education including live webcasting, second opinions, brokerage and professional network relationships. His other qualifications include Professionally Qualified faculty status from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, prior host and moderator of Surgent Education’s monthly live financial planning webcasts for CPAs and financial planner nationwide, Competent Communicator designation from Toastmasters International.

Greg has been a Community Education Program volunteer for AARP’s Medicare, Social Security, Affordable Care Act and Identity Theft programs in Arizona.

Bio: Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane – RDN. Lisa is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as designated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has completed the Financial Planner Professional Education Program through the College for Financial Planning (Denver, Colorado).

With Greg’s oversight, Lisa’s role at WellFit Financial includes preparation of required forms and other documents for our clients’ accounts and transactions, assisting clients with accessing and using websites to review their accounts, producing reports, evaluating mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds for possible inclusion in clients’ portfolios, executing buys and sells for clients’ accounts, involvement in and contributions to client contact as well as other services.

Like Greg, Lisa was a Community Education Program volunteer for AARP’s Medicare, Social Security, Affordable Care Act and Identity Theft programs in Arizona.



Link to book on Amazon“21 Days to Wealth, Well-Being, and Abundance Now!”

Book Covers PDF | Table of Contents PDF






Testimonials and Book Reviews

Thank you for asking me to review your book.  I retired this year and have been evaluating my lifestyle looking at financial and everyday habits.  I have enjoyed the challenge of downsizing and in my work years developed a retirement plan that has been very beneficial.  My real interest in this book was chapter 7, “You can eat better while saving money “. I enjoyed the concepts about planning meals, preparing food and having packed lunches and snacks available quickly by taking time each week to prepare my food.  This concept works well with my new lifestyle and I would recommend anyone else who is looking for a change to read this.  It was very helpful.   ~ Judy Fritz

Lisa and Greg “walk the walk” when it comes to living by, and benefiting from, these essential financial and life-style principles.Their advice is sound, easy to understand and implement. This book is like a treasure map to better health and greater wealth. Really.   ~ Nanette Reid

Want to save time and money…and feel good, too? This husband and wife duo are real pros. Together they have created a comprehensive guide that is concise and easy to follow. Their book offers a rational approach to decision-making for your finances and your personal health, as well as a guide to where help is available.    ~ Barbara Goldschmidt, M.S., Creative Director, BG Communications

I just finished your book, “21 Days to Wealth, Well-Being, and Abundance NOW!” I enjoyed it. I am thinking of getting two of our sons the book, especially the newly divorced son. Lots of good information for him.

I have always liked to keep track of spending and budgeting, money in and money out but it doesn’t work unless both of us do it. We do set aside for emergencies. I am a big believer in insurance and I think we have convinced the boys also when they were going out on their own how important it is. They are all the age to save for retirement if they haven’t started. Well living, diet and exercise is important to me also.

I am glad I already have Long-Term Care (Insurance), per your suggestion.

One item I did not know is “the community property” in some states, Arizona being one of them. The idea we are both responsible but will be liable for all debts incurred during the marriage was something I didn’t know. I am going to look for more information on subject, just for my knowledge. A good topic to talk about at a gathering where we discuss many different subjects.

I also think the “establish your own credit” is important. I have done that and think it is important for everyone to have their own credit. It is so important for both partners to be aware of all the subjects you discussed in the book. I highly recommend both read the book so they can discuss what is important to them. This will help to prioritize what we have done and still need to do.

I wish you luck and will tell all my friends about the book. Thanks for writing it and sharing all the information with us.    ~ Kathy Irwin

I just finished reading “21 Days to Wealth, Well-Being, and Abundance Now!” What a great read! It is so logical to combine financial security and good health. Yet, I haven’t seen it done by others. The flow was smooth and an easy read. I thought Chapter 6 dealing with long term care insurance was especially important. It seems that LTC insurance is not talked about much, at least in my social circles. I don’t think it is very well understood. Chapter 6 helps to clear the air about LTC insurance. Including references and web sites for further information is helpful. Chapter 11 about Social Security is also very important. People should start thinking and planning about Social Security years before retirement age. I know I should have paid more attention long before I was ready to retire.

Congratulations on a very informative and useful publication.    ~ Jim Irwin

Health and wealth are interconnected. Some of the wealthiest people in the world will tell you that good health is their most valuable asset. Greg and Lisa show the reader how to create a roadmap to financial success and good health.  ~ Ken Botts

I have read “21 Days to Wealth, Well-being, and Abundance Now”, and want to personally thank you and Greg, for writing such an informative and easy-to-understand book! Being one of those spouses you described who lets her husband take the lead handling our investments, I found many useful suggestions that helped both of us, especially the chapters about long-term care insurance and when to start taking Social Security benefits. Wish this book had been available when I started taking mine…think I would have waited. The investment strategies were a perfect segue into a lot of common-sense facts and tips for better nutrition and help prove your point that “good health is your best line of defense” and that “better health can save you money”. Thanks also for the motivation to get started on the road to Wealth, Well-Being, and Abundance Now! Regards,     ~ Judy Panks



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