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Getting smarter about your health

The internet is a global resource filled with useful, interesting information about health and wellness (including many scientific studies). Since there’s so much to choose from, we thought that it might be helpful to you if we recommended a few websites and blogs that we love to visit to see what’s going on… and stay up to date.

A few more helpful wellness sources:

farmers-markets I Support Farmers’ Markets: www.facebook.com/FarmersMarkets – This Facebook page had 335,000 fans (and 555,142 likes) as of October 7, 2014. There are now 7,864 farmers’ markets in the U.S. reaching at least 50 million people. You’ll learn a ton… and this is also just a lot of fun to read.

The Mayo Clinic: www.mayoclinic.org – is one of the world’s leading treatment and medical research facilities. This website is always a great source of information about health and wellness. You can also use the site’s helpful services such as Symptom Checker or First Aid Information (if you’re facing a medical emergency).

Tune into YouTube: www.youtube.com – for yoga videos and “How To” for all levels from beginner to expert. Today, an estimated 20 million Americans are practicing some form of yoga. To get started, check out the video “Yoga for complete beginners”. It runs for 20 minutes and you can see it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o0kNeOyH98.

Lean Traveler: www.leantraveler.com/blog will help you to eat better and healthier whenever (and wherever) you’re traveling. This site and blog are particularly helpful to business travelers.