WellFit Financial - For investors who are as serious about their health as they are about their money.

Our Philosophy - At WellFit Financial, we believe that financial health leads directly to better physical and mental health.

Welcome to WellFit Financial

“For many years now, we’ve personally experienced the positive effects of integrating sound financial management and healthy habits into our everyday lives. You can, too.”

“We use our experience, insights and money management tools to help like-minded clients achieve wealth, well-being and abundance.”

Greg Lane, CPA, CFP® | Lisa Lane, RDN
Co-Founders and Principals of WellFit Financial – Phoenix, Arizona

Managing your way to stronger financial health.

WellFit Financial will help you to create a financial plan and an asset management plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We are fee only. We take no commissions.

Our areas of proven expertise include:

  • financial planning and management of your principal;
  • diversifying investment portfolios to enhance growth while guarding against volatility and risk;
  • tax strategies for investing;
  • looking beyond traditional sources of yield;
  • retirement planning;
  • estate planning; and
  • other wealth-generating practices.

Our core objectives:

  • Guard against volatility: Managing risk of principal loss with a range of strategies.
  • Enhance growth: Developing a more diversified approach.
  • Reduce tax liability: Seeking tax-efficient income and equity.
  • Generate income: Looking beyond traditional sources of yield.

What we do for you:

  • Behavioral coach:
    • Avoid emotional reactions to market movements. Don’t make decisions driven by either fear or greed.
    • Avoid “Buy high and sell low”.
    • “Expect the unexpected”.
  • Apply an asset location strategy (taxable vs. tax-deferred accounts).
  • Maintain proper asset allocation through re-balancing (based on your tolerance for risk).
  • Stick with an overall market strategy in both up markets and down markets.
  • Employ cost-effective investments:
    • Seek out low fund management fees.
    • Avoid high turnover costs.
  • Implement a retirement spending strategy.
  • Protect and preserve your capital.

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“At WellFit Financial, we believe that financial health leads directly to
better physical and mental health.”