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We have selected financial articles promoting our guiding principle that financial health leads directly to better physical and mental health. In these articles, you will find information that you can use to better your financial life.

We have found that nothing contributes more to our better health than being an informed financial consumer and taking personal responsibility for our own financial security. Achieving serenity around financial security matters means investing our time to read and stay informed on current issues. We encourage your comments and feedback on these articles. Happy reading!


Minds Over Money!

Outsource Your Financial Management:

Does a good night’s sleep improve your health? You bet it does. Does worrying about your financial situation contribute to your restful night’s sleep? You know it doesn’t.

Solution: outsource your financial management—just like you do with a clogged drain, car problems, medical, teeth cleaning, or even manicures! Contact us to learn how WellFit can improve your sleep. Learn more in this article from Bankrate.com about financial planners.


What we’re doing these days for managing our own assets.

We do Yoga… we improve our physical, mental and perhaps spiritual health… without using up much of our monthly income!

It’s cheap, not much invested in equipment, an efficient combination of stretching, muscle tone, cardio and meditation. Scientific evidence suggests that yoga works.  Read more in this article from Humana.com:  “Yoga: a 5,000-year-old health movement”.